Rat Pack Kindness

Through the years it's been said how generous Frank Sinatra was toward so many. So  I wanted to create this page especially to highlight some of those charitable moments as a thank you to him. 

Photo above - from this article- Softer side of Sinatra: Heart-melting photos of the day Frank visited a British school for blind children By LUISA METCALFE FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 10:00 EST, 6 December 2015

Tony Bennett on Sinatra

In 1992, Tony Bennett reflected, "There is a warm side to Sinatra that has never been played up properly. Being 'on the inside of show business,' I can't begin to tell you how many human stories I've heard about the silent Sinatra. Highly philanthropic, he downplays the thousands of worthwhile benefits he has done over the years. As a private man with a profound sense of loyalty to his friends, he never touts the generosity he has shown to those he loves. That's the man!"

-Courtesy 'Sinatra 100' by Charles Pignone, out now via Thames & Hudson'

Excerpt from https://www.udiscovermusic.com/artists/frank-sinatra/

The Private Sinatra

     by Vincent Jackson - The Press of Atlantic City 

Merrill Kelem, 65, was an Atlantic City police officer from 1973 to 2005. He and Bobby Palamaro, 81, served as security consultants for Sinatra, starting in 1979.

Kelem talked about how generous Sinatra was. Back in 1982 or 1983, a woman living on South Massachusetts Avenue was robbed of her $5,000 life savings. Sinatra saw the story on TV and told Kelem to make a phone call. They discovered the woman was in the hospital, so Sinatra went to visit her with a flower display and $5,000.

Excerpt from https://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/life/frank-sinatra-felt-like-he-was-home-in-atlantic-city/article_384b8637-a518-5830-9b82-bb02f54b69e6.html